Livestream: Vertical Inhouse SEO Meetup #2

Heute, 23.05.2019 ab 19:30 hier an dieser Stelle: Livestream vom Vertical Inhouse SEO Meetup #2 aus Berlin.

The idea is simple: We want to provide a platform where in-house SEO experts can exchange their knowledge, discuss challenges and discover solutions together. We want to create a meetup as we would create a website with great content that makes the user want to come back. From In-house to In-house without any commercial intent.

Vertical Inhouse invites you to its second home SEO Meetup - hosted by HomeToGo - with the topic "i18n", that's how the cool kids call "internationalization " .

Language: English
Date And Time: Thu, May 23, 2019 - 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM CEST


Eléonore Codjo-Sauvage (HomeToGo)
»Scaling PR & Link-building Internationally«

Norman Nielsen (ex. Zalando)
»Interview w/ Dominik Schwarz (HomeToGo)«

Izzi Smith (SIXT)
»SERPrising Tips for International SEO«